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Whiskey Rebellion Special Reserve Rye Whiskey 2019 Festival Release

Pennsylvania Distillers Make History “Again”

Not since the Whiskey Rebellion 225 years ago have so many pioneering distillers come together in support of a single cause.

Between 1791 & 1794, rye whiskey producers on the frontier of Pennsylvania rose up against Alexander Hamilton’s newly-imposed whiskey tax, and the Whiskey Rebellion was born. There were seven southwestern Pennsylvania counties involved in the rebellion. Today, two centuries later, seven of Pennsylvania most awarded craft distillers are marrying their whiskeys together to resurrect the heritage that is Pennsylvania Rye Whiskey in support of a new cause. 

All proceeds of this historic collaboration will support The Bradford House Museum, a 501(c)3 nonprofit. This National Historic Landmark was the home of David Bradford, a leader of the Whiskey Rebellion.

Pennsylvania Craft Distilleries joining in this rebellious blend are Bristol’s Dad’s Hat, State College’s Barrel 21, Lancaster’s Thistle Finch Distillery, Pittsburgh’s Wigle Whiskey, Philadelphias New Liberty Distillery, and Washington’s Liberty Pole Spirits and Red Pump Spirits.

All are award-winning whiskey producers who are helping Pennsylvania reclaim its birthright as the home of Rye Whiskey. The truth of the matter is that Pennsylvania was the birthplace of American whiskey.  These distillers are devoting their livelihoods to making authentic and wonderful spicy rye whiskey that honors the sacrifices, efforts, and skills of the Pennsylvanian rebel distillers who came before them. On March 28, 2019, we will witness the culmination of the efforts of, historians, farmers, whiskey advocates, legislators, and these new talented distillers as they join their Pennsylvania-made rye whiskeys together for the first time to create this unique whiskey and add their names to the history and legacy of Pennsylvania Rye Whiskey.

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