Sunday, July 9th

NEW Historical Church Service & Sunday Family Social at the Community Pavilion on Main Street - Sunday 11am to 4pm
Fort Site Activities at Washington Park - Sunday 11am to 4pm

Festival's Final Day

Join the Washington family of churches as we come together at the Community Pavilion on Main Street to celebrate a ecumenical non-denominational Sunday service at 11am followed by music, dancing, food, and family fun.

The 18th century church service will be conducted in such a way to capture the authenticity and power that was the church of the late 1700’s. The preaching and music will reflect the robust faith of the era.  In the words of the Rev. I.N. Hays who spoke during the Centennial Celebration of the Founding of Washington County in 1881 on its Religious History. “This county was brought into existence in the midst of revival…  In this, beyond everything else do we find the most distinguishing feature of our history… Washington County would not be Washington County without her grand and sublime religious History.”

Our goal will be to bring to life the fervor and passion of Rev. Hays words. This will truly be a fresh reflection of church as it was and should be.

The churches of Washington County during the Whiskey Rebellion were as divided as the population. As a place of worship and a community gathering place they welcomed both those loyal to the federal government and the whiskey rebels, but not necessarily at the same time or place.

After the historical Church Service, stay and join us for a Sunday Social. Enjoy the festival food area, shop the craft vendors, listen to old time string music and if you dare learn a few old time dance steps.

The Snappin’ Bug String Band will take to the Washington Auto Mall Festival Stage on Sunday at 12:30 and play until 3:30. Snappin’ Bug specializes in old time Appalachian music of Southwestern Pennsylvania. The band consists of: Mark Tamsula, fiddle; Richard Withers, banjo, and Dave Krysty, guitar. The band will be joined by Taylor Runner from Morgantown to “call squares” and lead everyone in dancing to the old-timey music by the Snappin’ Bug String Band.

Visit the Washington County Historical Society’s Schneider’s Frontier Fort in Washington Park. The Historical Society welcomes visitors to relive history at its authentic 18th century fort.

Included in the day will be an 18th Century Military Encampment, Native American Encampment and Demonstrations, Hide Tanning, 18th Century Trading Post, period sutlers, 18th Century trade demonstrations and weapons displays, Woodworking Shaving Horse & Treenware Demonstrations. There will also be cannon and musket demonstrations throughout the day. Enjoy a visit to the Hangman’s Noose Tavern at the Kennedy Log House. Peruse the ware for sale from the Fort Site merchants and sutlers and much more.

Sutlers and Vendors – Both Saturday & Sunday at the park

*A sutler is a civilian merchant who sells provisions to an army in the field, in camp, or in quarters. Sutlers sold wares from the back of a wagon or a temporary tent, traveling with an army or to remote military outposts.